PS5 Accessories That Are A Total Waste Of Money

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PlayStation 5 consoles are still hard to come by, so give yourself a pat on the back if you've managed to snag one. Once you have your console and a few highly anticipated games to play, you'll probably want to invest in a few other accessories.

Pairing the right accessories with your PS5 can make your gaming experience more immersive and enjoyable. While you can't go wrong with investing in a glamorous TV with 4K resolution, or a booming sound system to complement your current-gen console, these are expensive additions. Most people don't have this kind of money burning a hole in their pocket.

If you're searching for some of the best PS5 accessories that are relatively affordable and actually useful, we've got you covered with another list. But here, let's talk about the accessories you definitely shouldn't waste your hard-earned money on.

Pulse headphones

Though this pick might be surprising to some, the Pulse headphones aren't really worth your money. These headphones were made by Sony specifically for the PlayStation 5, and they're decent headphones — but there are better options out there for the same price.

Sony's Pulse headphones are capable of delivering a 3D audio experience that you expect while playing games on the PS5. But many other headphones are capable of this as well, so what makes the Pulse headphones special? Their aesthetic matches that of the PS5 console, but there are other headphones with a black, white, and blue design. Plus, if you buy some new cover plates for your PS5, the Pulse headphones might not even match your console anymore.

These headphones work seamlessly with the PlayStation 5, and — with the detachable 3.5 millimeter cable — fairly well with any device that has a headphone jack, like the Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, some smartphones, and computers. Unfortunately, they're not equipped with Bluetooth, which is how many of us use headphones with our smartphones and computers. For this reason alone, it's worth investing in another pair of wireless headphones that can connect with all your devices, not just your PS5.

PS5 HD camera

If you're a streamer, and you specifically stream games from your PlayStation 5, then the official PS5 HD camera could be a smart purchase. But for everyone else, which is the majority of people, this accessory is pointless.

The PS5 HD camera records in 1080-pixel resolution, which is certainly an improvement over the PS4's camera with an 800-pixel resolution (via Make Use Of). But when you could get another camera that records in 1080 pixels at a lower price, what makes the PS5 camera special?

Well, you can stream live with video directly to Twitch, YouTube, or another streaming platform when using the PS5 HD camera and the console in tandem. Then, there are built-in background removal tools that blur or remove your background so you don't have to worry about cleaning or finding the perfect spot to stream. This is all great news if you only stream games from your PlayStation 5, but most gamers don't.

If you had a PlayStation 4 and the camera designed for it, you'll know it had special features. You could unlock your console with facial recognition, and even use it in certain games with PSVR. The PS5's HD camera can't do any of this. At least, not yet. Until it gains new features, the PS5 camera is only worth it for select streamers.

Stand and cooling station

This PS5 stand and cooling station is actually a pretty cool item — no pun intended — but is it really worth your money? The PlayStation5 already does a decent job of keeping itself cool, and while this could certainly get worse over time, it's not a problem when the console is new. Plus, if you purchase a new set of cover plates for your console that has a cut-out section for fans, you can get extra cooling and an awesome, new design for your console.

The only thing that may justify this purchase is if you own all of Sony's official accessories for the PS5. The stand holds your PS5 (disc or digital version), two DualSense controllers, and the PS5 media remote. For the Pulse headphones, there's a headphone holder you can clip onto the PS5's white cover plate. You could probably also use this holder for any other pair of headphones you use with your console.

When you set the DualSense controllers in the stand, upside down, they click into an extended USB-C to start charging. There's an LED display on the front of the stand that shows how charged each controller is. While that's a pretty cool feature, the charging station from Sony is more compact and allows controllers to be stored upright.

External HDD

There used to be a much larger discrepancy between the price of solid state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs). Now, SSDs are reasonably affordable, and it's almost always worth it to choose an SSD over an HDD.

The PlayStation 5 comes with a decent amount of storage, but definitely not enough for long-term use, especially if you have more than one person downloading games to the console. There are two ways to expand your PS5's storage: internally and externally. No matter which route you go, you should be getting an SSD.

Internally, you can only get an M.2 SSD that meets Sony's outlined requirements. Externally, you have the option of buying an SSD or an HDD. Although you can get more storage space on an HDD at a lower price than an SSD, the trade-off isn't worth it. An SSD with a storage capacity of 1 terabyte is worth more for its performance capabilities than an HDD with 2 terabytes of storage.

RGB LED strips

The PlayStation 5 has a nice aesthetic already. Why ruin it with a flashy item that will just take up a valuable USB slot? Sony took a leap of faith with the PS5's design, and although it's large and not black like previous consoles, it's a sleek, modern console design that looks pretty great.

If you're not a fan of the PS5's design, you'll have much more luck focusing your efforts on replacing the stock white cover plates rather than altering the color of the PS5's built-in LED strip. You can get cover plates with unique, bold colors directly from Sony, or you could opt for a more muted color with a different design from Dbrand.

If you opt for new cover plates from Dbrand, the company even has LED light strips you can buy at a more affordable price point than the types of RGB LED strips you might find on Amazon. The LED light strips from Dbrand are similar to skin stickers, and you just have to peel, place, and stick them to your console to install them.

Carry case

The PS5 is the largest and heaviest PlayStation console to date, which means that chances are, you're not going to take it on road trips with you. Plus, most people hang onto the console box for reselling purposes, so if you're moving to a new apartment or house, you'll likely pack it up in that. So why does a carrying case exist for the PS5?

Granted, you can fit quite a bit in this particular carrying case — the console, two DualSense controllers, all your cables, and up to five game discs. Plus, it's made of anti-shock cotton on the inside and durable, waterproof nylon on the outside. But again, when would this come in handy?

The only reason that this carrying case might be a good investment is if you're constantly moving between one home and another. For example, if you're a kid who swaps between divorced parents' homes often, or if you frequently spend long stretches of time at a significant other's home, it could come in handy. Other than those few scenarios, we can't see how this would be a good use of your money.

Wireless keyboard for the DualSense controller

This wireless keyboard that attaches to the DualSense controller is one of those items that looks really cool, but functionally, seems like it'd be annoying. Most people only need to use a keyboard when they're entering username and password information. There are some games, like "Among Us," that could benefit from a keyboard, but just invest in a small wireless keyboard that's separate from your controller.

With the attachable wireless keyboard, you still have to charge it and pair it to your console via Bluetooth. It makes much more sense to invest in a small wireless keyboard that requires those same things, but can also be used at your computer or with a tablet rather than just with your DualSense controller.

Plus, the keyboard fits in between the controller's hand grips, which sounds like a recipe for disaster because you'd potentially hit keys you don't mean to, or struggle to reach certain parts of the controller. That said, the keyboard's manufacturer claims that it shouldn't interfere with the operation or aesthetics of the handles at all.

DualSense rechargeable battery pack

In theory, this accessory seems nice. Even though the DualSense already has a decent battery life of 12 hours, anyone who plays games knows that 12 hours of gaming goes by fast — and that's if the controller even lasts its estimated 12-hour battery life (via SortaTechy). But when you could just buy another controller instead of this rechargeable battery pack, it just doesn't seem worth it.

Yes, this battery pack is more affordable than another DualSense controller. But wouldn't you rather invest a little more money on a second controller that would let you play two-player games and simply swap between controllers when the battery is low? NexiGo's rechargeable battery pack adds an extra 10 hours of battery life, whereas buying another DualSense would give you 12 extra hours.

It weighs less than 0.25 pounds, but that's still unnecessary weight added to the DualSense controller, which is already heavier than the DualShock controller that preceded it. Plus, it's something bulky on the back of your controller that you still have to worry about charging.

Illuminated charging cable

Unless you're really into items with RGB LEDs or have oodles of spending money, this illuminated charging cable just isn't worth it. Save your money and use the cable that comes with the PlayStation 5 console, which is actually a fairly decent, thick cable.

There are other options that seem like they'd be much handier to have around. Whether you have one DualSense controller or you bought an extra — and you really should buy an extra — the official charging station sold by PlayStation is a worthwhile purchase. Once you plug the charging stand into the wall, all you have to do to start the charging purchase is lightly set your controller down.

If you don't want the charging station, and you're dead set on charging your DualSense controller with a cable, invest in an extra-long option instead of buying this illuminated charging cable. Since you can use the controller while it's charging, an extra-long cable lets you sit on the couch and keep playing even if you forgot to charge your DualSense in between sessions.