This Aston Martin James Bond Stunt Car Just Sold For Millions

There are few other movie cars quite as iconic as the Aston Martin DB5 featured in numerous James Bond films. The only cars that maybe come close are Herbie the Love Bug and the Trans Am from "Smokey and the Bandit," and neither of those cars is equipped with machine guns behind the headlights. 

From Sean Connery's portrayal of Bond in the 1960s to today's Bond played by Daniel Craig, Aston Martins have been a staple in most of the movies, especially the DB5. Aston Martin DB5s, particularly the models associated with James Bond, are well known for fetching huge amounts at auction. Three years ago, a Bond-featured DB5 sold for $6.4 million at auction. Today, as part of the 60 Years of James Bond charity auction held by Christie's in London, another Bond car went for millions. This car was a replica that starred in the newest movie, "No Time to Die."

Made for the movies, auctioned for charity

Complete with prop Gatling guns under the headlights and battle damage, a one-of-eight DB5 replica just sold for over $3.2 million at auction, according to Aston Martin. The DB5 at the auction was a replica made exclusively for the film by Aston Martin itself; it's not just a fiberglass shell made for some screen time, it's the real deal. Aston Martin says that the car was fitted with not only a rotating license plate but is also equipped with the ability to fire prop bomblets, just like in the movie.

During the auction, a 1981 Aston Martin V8 featured in the movie also sold for just under $700,000 according to Aston Martin. All the proceeds from the auction went to various charities. While the new owners of the cars now possess running and driving pieces of movie history, it's not advised they take them out on the road to re-enact their favorite Bond scenes. It's doubtful the British Secret Service would approve.