Why You Probably Need To Change Your Spoiler Settings On PS5

Everyone has their own personal tolerance levels when it comes to spoilers, and those expectations can change from subject to subject. A general internet guideline is that you'll want to give media at least a day or two (or a week, or a month, and so on) before you start openly discussing significant aspects that might not be obvious from trailers and the like. Even then, a spoiler tag of some kind is often encouraged.

While you can't outright prevent people from spoiling twists, endings, and other surprises from a game, movie, book, or TV show you're looking forward to checking out, you can at least try to avoid them. Did you know the same goes for your PlayStation 5?

Yes, there's actually an option built into your PS5 (sorry, PS4 owners) that allows you to control potential spoilers you might stumble upon in the PlayStation Store. Sure, the PS5 can already automatically flag screenshots sent through PSN, but this is different. This feature allows you to block out other potential spoilers that may appear in the store listing itself.

How to change spoiler settings on a PlayStation 5

These PSN store spoiler options aren't turned on by default, but they're pretty easy to activate (when you know they're there). All you have to do is open your PS5's Settings menu, then look for the Saved Data Game/App menu and select Game Presets.

From there you can set it to block out spoilers as defined by each game's developer, so only the content they mark as such will be hidden from you. That sounds like a solid choice, because who knows what counts as a spoiler better than the people who made the thing in the first place, right? However, this does depend on the developer taking the time to call out possible spoilers in advance, which they might not have the capacity to do in a thorough manner. Game development and marketing are really hard and time-consuming, after all.

So if you really don't want to risk any potential spoilers when you browse through the PlayStation Store on your PS5, there's an option to hide everything that might be spoiler-y. Again, this won't do anything to prevent one of your Twitter friends from spoiling a really cool cameo in an episode of "The Mandalorian" you haven't seen yet (I'm still kind of annoyed about that one), but it will at least keep you from accidentally seeing something in a store screenshot that you'd rather find for yourself.