The Queen Helped Design This Unique Hearse For Her Final Trip To Buckingham Palace

Queen Elizabeth II was known for, among other things, her massive car collection that was an eclectic mix of classic rides and luxe modern machines. From custom Bentleys to armored Land Rovers, the deceased British monarch's collection was always a topic of fascination. However, it might come as surprise to many to know that the queen also had a role in designing the vehicle that would carry her mortal remains following her demise.

According to a report from U.K. publication The Telegraph, the queen was "consulted on the plans" regarding the State Hearse that would be used for the funeral ceremony. The hearse was designed in collaboration with The Royal Household and Jaguar Land Rover. To recall, Land Rover cars have long been a favorite of the royal family, especially the queen, as her transport of choice and she was often seen driving one around on the palace premises.

Clad in a Royal Claret paint job, the hearse also sports Her Majesty The Queen's Personal Royal Cypher. For the unaware, it's the same color that also adorns the rides kept at Buckingham Palace's Royal Mews, which are used to transport members of the royal family for official duties to this day. The vehicle was used for the first time as it transported her coffin from RAF Northolt as it heads back to Buckingham Palace. 

Having a say for her final ride

The bespoke state hearse is actually a modified Jaguar that was designed in advance with due consultation from Her Majesty ahead of her own death, plans that officially went by the codename Operation London Bridge. The hearse includes large side and back windows, a glass roof that is transparent, and three prominent spotlights that shine inside along one roof edge and highlight the raised coffin.

According to a Fox News report, a Jaguar XF sedan forms the vehicle's foundations and has been tweaked to include thin pillars and a taller-than-usual roof. The vehicle was designed in such a way that the mourning public could have a clear view of the coffin. The hearse will next carry the queen's casket for the official state funeral scheduled for September 19 at Windsor Castle's St. George's Chapel.

Earlier, the queen's remains were moved around in a Mercedes-Benz limousine wrapped in black. Notably, then queen's husband Prince Philip also had a role in designing the hearse based on a Land Rover Defender that was used for his funeral services last year.