Zynga Continues To Fall As New Mobile Gaming Kings Rise

Zynga, for a brief while, was chief among game creators in the mobile gaming world, laying claim to some of Facebook's then-famous games. Its reign started slipping a couple of years ago, however, as mobile gaming trends shifted, and though it has tried different things to reverse that trend, the company has largely continued in its downwards spiral. All the while, competitors have risen to fill its void, most notable among them being King Digital, the company behind Candy Crush.

That reality has been reflected in the companies' latest earnings numbers, with Zynga — perhaps best known as being the creator of FarmVille — showing bookings that were millions lower than expected, coming in at only $182.4 million. This ongoing struggle hints at the company's financial troubles over the past couple years, with the company having exceeded $14 billion in value in 2012.

This is starkly contrasted with King Digital's growing success – the company is now worth approximately $4.6 billion, slowly nearing Zynga's former claim to fame numbers. King has managed to maintain its success where Zynga and competitor Rovio have failed, releasing new mobile titles that have continued with the success it saw with Candy Crush.

Zynga is still trying to change its fate, and has revealed that it will be releasing six to ten new mobile games in 2015. That isn't a new story, however, and unless the company has managed to create a title that'll skyrocket in popularity, we'll likely not see any big changes in the company's fortune.

SOURCE: Reuters