Zune Marketplace to get MTV, VH1, CMT content?

When a software update comes out I tend to download, install and forget about it.  Other people, such as Zune-fan Harvey Chute, crack open their favourite .dll explorer and have a good rummage through the files.  He's been browsing through ZuneMarketplace.dll and has come across a couple of hints that might point to MTV, VH1 and CMT integration at some point in the future.


As Harvey points out, the so-far unused text strings could be vestigial integration from Microsoft's URGE partnership with the three music heavyweights, or alternatively – and more interestingly – they might be a sign of coming Marketplace options, particularly video.  MTV would certainly make sense as a big-name provider.

MTV, VH1, CMT coming to Zune Marketplace? [zunerama]