Zune HD AV Dock and other accessories detailed, priced

Chris Davies - Aug 13, 2009, 6:38am CDT
Zune HD AV Dock and other accessories detailed, priced

Since the Zune HD‘s 480 x 272 OLED display isn’t actually high-enough resolution to display the 720p video the PMP is capable of, we’ve been waiting to see how much Microsoft charge for their official Zune HD AV Dock.  That accessory – and the rest of of the Zune HD peripheral range – have finally been added to the Microsoft Store for preorder along with the touchscreen PMP itself.

In fact, two docks are available: the Zune HD AV Dock, for $89.99, which includes an AC adapter, remote, dock and HDMI/AV cable, and the Zune HD Sync Dock, for $49.99, which has a remote, inserts to suit all generation Zunes, AC adapter and a USB cable.  If you’re more interested in car use, the Zune Premium Car Pack is $79.99, works with all Zune models, and includes an FM transmitter with display plus a charger.

Finally there are some more basic accessories, such as the $19.99 Zune Sync Cable, and the Zune HD AV & Power Pack which, for $49.99, includes an AC adapter, HDMI cable and AV cables.  All the Zune HD-specific accessories will ship on September 15th, just like the PMP itself.

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