ZTE snubs Windows Phone

ZTE has confirmed it has experimented with Windows Phone prototypes in its engineering labs, but has decided the Microsoft OS is not yet popular enough for it to be worth its while putting devices into production. According to ZTE UK, speaking to the WSJ, there are also concerns over the platform's performance. While ZTE may not be a company with high brand recognition among consumers, it in fact holds a top five spot in the world mobile phone rankings.

The company not only produces low-cost handsets for developing markets – increasingly an area of Microsoft's focus with its new partners Nokia – but OEM devices rebadged by carriers. Several of ZTE's Android smartphones have proved budget best-sellers, and the company brought several new models along to MWC 2011 last month.

"We have active R&D plans on the whole Windows Phone 7 platform product" Wu Sa, ZTE UK director of mobile device operations confirmed, but went on to say that "wether we expedite that process will be driven by the market demand. ... The usability of this platform in terms of its user-friendliness and the networks in terms of bringing the product to the market". The company apparently hopes to establish its own brand in the same manner that HTC did in recent years.