ZTE Project CSX Hawkeye phone Kickstarter campaign cancelled

ZTE has cancelled its Project CSX phone Kickstarter, saying in an update on the crowdfunding website that it is 'phasing out' the funding campaign due to feedback from its Z-Community and through Kickstarter itself. The company goes on to say that despite phasing out the campaign, the project itself may not be over, as it is 'reevaluating the device' with consideration of the future.

The "Hawkeye" phone aimed to provide consumers with a hands-free smartphone that featured, among other things, eye-tracking technology that would automatically scroll pages. The phone would also use voice commands to switch between pages. Oddly enough, ZTE also planned to offer an optional self-adhesive case that would allow the phone to be mounted onto any 'vertical' surface, letting you go hands-free if you find the need.

The company had planned for the phone to feature things like a Full HD 5.5-inch display, a 13-megapixel rear camera, 32GB of storage, and other notable enough hardware. While decent enough, ZTE says in its latest and presumably final update for the campaign that it is reevaluating the device to possibly offer the features on a 'higher spec'd device.'

In order to deliver a more powerful phone, though, ZTE says it'll need to push back the release of the device over what it anticipated in the Kickstarter campaign. There's no word on this new date, though ZTE says it will continue to update and collaborate with the public over the course of this reevaluation.

SOURCE: Kickstarter