ZTE Nubia Z11 to arrive in US alongside China launch

Chinese company ZTE enjoys healthy success both in China and the United States, and as such a new report isn't much of a surprise: ZTE plans to launch its upcoming Nubia Z11 smartphone in both China and the U.S. at the same time, something spurred in part by the widespread success of ZTE's Z9 handset, which has sold more than half a billion units across the globe.

ZTE is a fairly well known name in the U.S., though it is often associated with budget and mid-tier smartphones, as it primarily targeted that market for many years. In more recent times, however, the company has been pushing its more high-end handsets, which boast top of the line features at price points that usually undercut some of the better known big-name companies.

The success of ZTE's Z9 smartphone coupled with its already established US presence has encouraged it to launch the Z11, its newest upcoming phone, in the United States at the same time as its China release — a move that trumps competitors Huawei and Xiaomi in particular.

The information comes from South China Morning Post, which says it got word from ZTE's Nubia SVP Ni Fei. The Nubia Z11 will feature a high-end camera that, among other things, can take time lapse videos at night; the handset doesn't have a bezel, and the screen will be "enhanced" in comparison to the Z9. Reports form earlier this week suggest it will also feature a fingerprint sensor and a slim metal chassis.

ZTE plans to offer the Z11 through select retailers like Walmart and Best Buy and through its own website. When the handset will be launched and at what price point isn't clear.

Note: The image above is a recently leaked shot allegedly showing the Nubia Z11.

SOURCE: South China Morning Post