Zombie game H1Z1 gameplay trailer pushed pre-E3

Chris Burns - Jun 9, 2014, 11:22 am CDT
Zombie game H1Z1 gameplay trailer pushed pre-E3

The biggest week in gaming has begun with a new trailer of the MMO H1Z1, ready to freak you out with zombies and oddities galore. This game is set to be a massive online multiplayer game where you’re not only aiming to fire upon other players, but zombie forms as well. Here you’ll find the first glimpse of good and evil.

Today is Day O for E3 2014. This means that the show floor is not yet open, but that E3 has – sort of – started already. As has become tradition at massive trade shows like this, the day before the conference often becomes the most important – the creators of H1Z1 know this all too well.

Sony Online Entertainment has suggested that this game will be coming to several platforms. First it’ll hit the PC through Steam Early Access – you’ll be able to access this game before the end of this summer. You’ll also likely be seeing this game being played on the PlayStation 4 later today.

Have a peek at the first official trailer for H1Z1 above as well, and stick around SlashGear for more E3 2014 action all week long.

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