Zero Launches With Ex-HTC Executive Aimed At Smart Wearables

Fully intent on making full use of the smart wearable devices you might already own, the company known as Zero has begun to take shape. This company is brought on by former HTC executive Kouji Kodera, and is starting out with attention on fitness bands. Working with the bands from a variety of companies – Nike FuelBand, Fitbit, and Jawbone Up, this "Zero" company intends on creating a variety of use-cases and software to connect and keep useful.

Inside the Zero universe is intention on making the fitness band world one that's entirely social. In the same way people are far more motivated to go to the gym when they're going with a friend, Kodera, speaking with AllThingsD, has suggested that there's a wide open opportunity out there to make better use of the wearable fitness trackers amongst us today. Zero will make them all more social than they already are, that is.

The aim here is to drive users to keep their fitness bands – at first – on their wrist. Suggesting that most users stop wearing fitness bands after around two months, Kodera suggests that it's the interconnected services between brands that will keep the industry driving forward. Right now it's a brand-specific network that you'll be working with.

In the future, Zero will be rolling out their own software that'll allow these bands – the whole lot of them – to interact with one another on a single platform. They'll also be able to make better use of the data they're already working with, and will be able to connect more meaningfully with one another, regardless of their brand.

The first release from Zero will work with a more universal "Energy Index" that'll cross over brands and technologies. This index will be based on metal, physical, and social health. How about that?