ZeeVee: streaming HDTV from your PC over coax

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ZeeVee have announced their ZvBox media streamer, intended to make sharing content either stored on, or streamed to, your home computer viewable on every HDTV in your home.  Connecting to the computer's VGA port, the ZvBox then creates a custom RF channel that's distributed via the building's existing coax wiring.  Since at its most basic it merely displays exactly what is being shown on the PC's display, there are no codec, DRM or other restrictions as often found on traditional media streamers; as long as your computer can play it, you can view it via ZeeVee.

It also means that you can use a web-browser, view photos stored on the PC, or even use Office software from your TV.  ZeeVee will offer a keyboard over the Summer, while a remote control – with touchpad – is included with the ZvBox.  A special 'Zv' channel is created, listed among all your other cable TV options.

If you're not happy seeing your desktop on-screen, you can choose a shortcut menu with links to online media sites such as Hulu, YouTube and Netflix, or any of your own preference.  5.1 surround sound audio is piped into the ZvBox via USB and included in the stream.

Shipping in June, you can pre-order from Amazon now.  The ZvBox starter bundle – including the main box, a remote, the receiver unit that can handle up to eight keyboards or remotes, and all the cabling necessary – is priced at a not-inconsiderable $499.99.