ZCast is for podcasts what Periscope is for live video

A new app and web-based system by the name of ZCast hopes to make Podcasting a far simpler affair, boiling the entire media form down to you and your smartphone and a live presentation. ZCast allows users to produce their own multi-member podcast from their mobile device or the web. With ZCast, casters will be able to take comments and answer questions in real-time, connecting with social media outlets as they do so. We'll do it live!

For the general user, podcaster or listener, the process of getting in to ZCast is extremely simple. Just so long as you have a Twitter account, it'll only take a couple of taps. Users are invited to head to ZCast.co and log in using their twitter account. Once they do that, they'll have a list of live podcast stations available immediately.

Users can also connect using the iPhone-centric ZCast app, found on the iOS App Store right this minute. Basically the same interface is there as is on the web.

Anyone can begin their own podcast just as simply as they can listen in on one. Tapping a button starts a podcast, which is then listed in the LIVE section in the app and on the site. Inside a podcast live in ZCast, listeners can join in on the conversation with comments, and can be invited on to the show just as easily.

"The end game for ZCast is to enable anyone to easily share an opinion in a group format," said ZCast's CMO Hillel Fuld.

"The ability to create a podcast from the comfort of your own home without any add-ons or complications is a technological achievement we pride ourselves on, but even more exciting is the new levels of interaction that are being facilitated here."