YouTube News - Verizon & Windows MCE To Get Access

Some YouTube news for you now, seeing as how I know that their $1.65bn buy-out makes them all the more alluring.  First off, there's the news that Verizon are close to negotiating a deal to feature YouTube videos as part of their Verizon Wireless "V Cast" service.  While it's unknown whether access to the YouTube archive would be full or limited, it was also suggested that the video service would be used to provide an "on-demand" TV feature to be launched nationwide. 


Not interested in YouTube on your cellphone?  Well how about on your Media Centre PC, then?  Yougle is a free Windows MCE plugin that lets you browse through the content on not only YouTube but Google Video, Grouper and DivX Stage 6, playing footage back in full-screen.

Verizon near content deal with YouTube [Reuters]

Yougle [via Automated Home]