YouTube monthly subscription costs to battle Cable, not Netflix

Video streaming group YouTube is said to be preparing a Subscriber Channel service this week with aims at taking on the cable business with month-to-month costs and an ala carte option for users. This service would be served up by Google, owners of the video network, and would likely take payment with the Google Wallet digital payment service. This service would be connected to users' Google Accounts much in the same way Google Play takes payment for apps and multimedia.

Users working with Google's Play Movies service are already able to watch movies they've purchased through Google's online store through YouTube while this week's announcement has them considering a subscription service. Once a user purchases or rents a movie through Google Play, they can play that movie through a web browser using Google's Movies interface, using the Google Movies app on Android, or through YouTube.

Purchase or rent a movie or television show episode through Google Play and that title is available for watching – as long as you're logged in – on YouTube. This feature has likely paved the way for Google's ability to sell subscription services through YouTube in the near future. This week's report comes from a Financial Times report in which they've got a comment direct from YouTube on the possibility of such a service.

"[We are] looking into creating a subscription platform that could bring even more great content to YouTube for our users to enjoy and provide our creators with another vehicle to generate revenue from their content, beyond the rental and ad-supported models we offer." – YouTube

While this upcoming service could bring a model that would be on-par with the type of video offered with traditional cable subscriptions, services like Hulu Plus and Netflix would likely remain safe from impact. With a subscription to a library of titles rather than an always-broadcasting system like what's suggested for YouTube here, these large-name systems could keep separate.

If on the other hand it happens to be that YouTube opens up subscriptions to channels that serve up collections of movies – that'd be a different story entirely. YouTube's future service is suggested to be costing users $1.99 USD per channel per month. Thus far there've been no substantial confirmations or denials from YouTube or Google about the possibility of this service existing in the near future (other than what you see above).