YouTube Leanback Graduates As Google TV Is Nigh

YouTube Leanback has had one of the shortest beta inceptions of any Google product, but with Google TV arriving in US stores this week it's had to grow up quickly.  The system – which basically gives streaming YouTube videos a more TV-friendly interface – will be the center of the Google TV YouTube experience.

"When you view Leanback on Google TV (or online), videos based on your subscriptions and viewing history will begin playing immediately. If those don't pique your interest, Leanback offers 10 channels, updated daily, featuring popular and interesting videos in genres like Comedy, Entertainment, News, Science & Technology, How To & Style, and more. You can also watch full-length movies and TV shows rented from in the highest quality." Google

There'll also be straightforward access to the (currently US-only) beta of YouTube Rentals.  As for Google TV, the first Logitech Revue box will be priced at $299.99 and is due to hit shelves imminently.