YouTube blocked in Turkey following Twitter ban

Twitter was recently banned in Turkey over failure to remove certain content, something that resulted in a backlash and, as of yesterday, legal ruling that it must be reversed. It seems the battle hasn't been yet won, however, with YouTube now also being blocked in the region due to an allegedly leaked video revealing possible war plans.

Reports are surfacing on Twitter that Turkey has just recently blocked access to YouTube, and speculation abounds over the cause. A recent report on Reuters suggests the block is over a reportedly leaked recording of a top secret discussion about possible war with Syria.

Said Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, who is behind the Twitter ban, "They even leaked a national security meeting. This is villainous, this is dishonest ... Who are you serving by doing audio surveillance of such an important meeting?" Whomever is responsible for the leak is said to face severe punishment if caught.

Yesterday, a Turkish court ruled the Twitter block illegal, and as such the nation's telecommunication's authority has 30 days to either restore access or appeal the decision, which could end up dragging the matter out for weeks. The YouTube block will likely face similar scrutiny.

SOURCE: WSJ and Business Insider