Twitter ban in Turkey ruled illegal

The recent Twitter ban in Turkey has been temporarily lifted as a court ruled it illegal. The BBC reports it was expected the ban would be lifted shortly after the order went through, but now it seems there could be multiple weeks of waiting before users in the nation regain access to the microblogging service.

The order to reinstate Twitter in the country was issued by an Ankara administrative court, with the TIB — Turkey's telecommunications authority — being issued a temporary injunction requiring it to comply. The TIB has 30 days to decide whether it will follow the order or appeal.

It is anticipated by some that the TIB will use that 30 days, meaning Twitter users in Turkey will have at least that much longer to wait — and possibly longer, if the authority decides to appeal the ruling. Until then, users have been forced to use workarounds to access the microblogging service.

Among those workarounds was a proliferation of graffiti in Turkey, with users spray painting Google's Public DNS, prompting that to banned in the nation, as well. VPNs, SMS, and other methods are also being used to access the service.

VIA: Readwrite