Twitter's Turkey users spray paint nation with ban workarounds

Turkey's Prime Minister recently set his focus on Twitter, which he has had banned in the nation over failure to remove tweets related to a corruption scandal in which he is allegedly involved. Users in the nation have not been stopped, however, managing to send over a million tweets since the ban and sharing workaround solutions via street graffiti

With access to banned in Turkey, users have gravitated to VPNs, SMS updates, Tor, and other related methods to regain access to their account. Not content, however, they've gone a step further to ensure their fellow citizens are aware of how to circumvent the restriction, spray painting details on various signs and buildings.

Sysomos has provided some details to the folks at Mashable, saying 1.2 million tweets have been sent from Turkish users since the ban went into effect, working out to 17,000 tweets per minute. The nation is trending on Twitter, where several hashtags are marking the trend.

Updating briefly on the matter, Twitter sent out a short tweet from its Policy account reading, "We stand with our users in Turkey who rely on Twitter as a vital communications platform. We hope to have full access returned soon."

SOURCE: Mashable

Image via Utku Can