YouTube Audio Library brings royalty-free downloadable tunes to public

The key to Open Source and Royalty-Free and Public Domain media is collaboration, and the furtherance of humankind by using what our predecessors have made and building up and outward. YouTube has taken to this call to action with great enthusiasm this week with the YouTube Audio Library, supporting the likes of burgeoning artists and ancient artists alike with a collection of freely-downloadable music they suggest could – and should – be used as backbeats for future YouTube submissions. They've made it all so easy, that is to say.

While this may seem at first to be an extension of the excellence included in the library of tunes,, instead you've got a much more up-front and visible library with YouTube. Here YouTube encourages you, the musician, to submit your files as well.

While the library at YouTube currently – at launch – includes around 150 tracks of instrumental-based music, this collection is set to expand rapidly very, very soon. In the music submission portal for the YouTube Audio Library, you'll find some simple instruction for the masses. All you've got to start with is an email, performer/band/production house/name, and a link to a sample track. The link to the track can be whatever you like – even a YouTube video – but you'll find no upload structure here (it's easier this way).

For those of you looking to pick up tracks quick and easy, the YouTube Audio Library is now open for free and easy action. This is just the first in a series of YouTube Creation Tools, mind you, with YouTube set to release similar projects in the near future. We'll see soon what else they've got in store!