Your high-end LG TV just got live Apple AirPlay 2 features first

This morning LG announced they'd released Apple AirPlay 2 functionality for a range of televisions inside the United States. Those televisions will now be able to work with wireless projection and control with iPhones and iPads of many sorts, thanks to their latest software update. Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit functionality are available right this minute to a selection of LG OLED and NanoCell 4K UHD TVs with ThinkQ AI capability in the USA.

The update will be delivered to your television set automatically. If you do not get the update quite soon, you'll want to jump into your television's Settings and find the SOFTWARE UPDATE button. Make it happen right now!

Once the update's ready to roll, make sure your devices are connected to the same wireless network. Once they're ready, you'll be able to send them to your LG TV using your Apple TV app and "other video apps." That is just so long as they're AirPlay 2-enabled, of course.

Users will be able to send content to their LG television using iPhone, iPad, and Mac with relative ease. They'll be able to send video files to play, stream Apple Music, and play Apple Podcasts as well. Users will be able to employ the help of LG AI TV and other AirPlay 2-compatible speakers to play content all at the same time, like some sort of magic masterpiece of streaming media.

NOTE: If you've got a SM8100 series set, you're just... incredibly unlucky. This is the only NanoCell 4K UHD TV from LG that won't get this update – not right away, anyway. Maybe later? We'll see, cross your fingers and hope for the best!

The folks at LG made clear that they are the "first global TV manufacturer to support HomeKit." And they're super proud of it! They suggested today that the'll be bringing the same sort of update to the rest of their 4K UHD TV series sets later in the year 2019.