Your first look at Mulder and Scully in the X-Files reboot

This morning the X-Files reboot – via Fox – showed one single photo of Scully and Mulder, the heroes of this picture. While we've seen recent photos, videos, and live appearances of both Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in the recent past, we've seen neither of them together in costume. In costume for THIS role, that is to say. For X-Files fans like myself, this is a sort of return home. Back to a place where anything can happen, and you're made to want to believe.

Scully's hair doesn't seem as red as it used to – she's probably not blonde, but she's not as face-blastingly redheaded as before. Mulder has put on a bit of weight. But really none of this piddly nonsense matters. What we want are details about the show.

While the actual image here doesn't tell you much about Mulder and Scully besides their basic appearance, you CAN see a bit more information about the way they're shooting the video for the show.

See the upper left-hand corner of the screen?

There you'll notice FPS, frames per second. At 23.976, they're close enough to 24 FPS, the same speed at which the show was filmed near the end of its original run.

Shutter speed at 180 doesn't matter too much, neither does the 800 figure you see to the right of that.

The WB (white balance) of 5600K means they're optimizing for daylight, so this scene is being filmed – you guessed it – during the day!

And that's it, really. Mulder and Scully might be in the first episode here, or the last. They might be just headed in to the office after having been re-assigned to the Y-Files. Who knows?

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