Your dog is watching you – Kodak asks “how do I look?”

Chris Davies - Dec 3, 2006

Bring in your cats, shield the childrens’ eyes and lock your doors; the Cyborg Dogs are here!  Or maybe it’s a rather unimpressed pug with a camera strapped to its head, using one of the twisty-fingered Gorillapod mounts.  This act of minor dog augmentation was the work of a Kodak employee interested, nay, desperate to see things from her pet’s point-of-view.  Given the evolution is a cruel mistress and is yet to bless canines with the requisite thumbs for normal camera holding duties, the flexible tripod was used to grip around Oscar (for that be his name) and his collar; timer set, he was free to snap away while wandering round the house.

Blurry photos aside, we can conclude that Oscar is interested in his owner, in cats and in looking around the house.  Check out some of his work after the cut, or the full gallery here.

Gorillapod Dog photo

Gorillapod Dog photo

Gorillapod Dog

Kodak blog [via Pocket-lint]

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