Your Android Gboard keyboard font changed - here's what happened

Today Gboard released a significant change to the way your (beta build) keyboard appears in your phone. This update appeared as the default for beta users across the internet. As the change is default, some users were likely caught off guard – but don't worry! Nothing's broken. This is just the first day of the rest of your life.

The update to Gboard was sent to users throughout the day – and will likely appear throughout the next few days – on Android devices of all sorts. The changes for the Dark Theme version of the keyboard were largely centered on the default font – for the Light Theme default, the color scheme was tweaked, increasing contrast and making the entire keyboard appear to have more negative space.

If you have Gboard – the official Google Keyboard for Android – you may want to drop in on the Beta build now if this new layout appeals to your eyes. The Gboard app on Google Play is free and available for most Android devices. If you aren't part of the Beta program, head over to the beta program to sign up.

If you've never been a part of an Android app Beta program before, the same rules apply here as with most Beta programs. You'll need to be aware of the risks, and be willing to report to the developers of said app if you notice any bugs or issues of any sort. They'll be glad to hear from you!

As noted by 9to5Google this afternoon, this change was rolled out in a very limited way earlier this year, as well. Now that limited testing is complete, more Beta users can gain access, and we'll likely see the change appear on the standard version of the app in the near future.