You'll want to avoid this Steam Sale malware scam

Hackers have decided to take advantage of the massive interested generated by Valve's Steam Summer Sale this season with some digital phishing. While you're still free to enjoy the Steam sale for all its worth, there's a couple of things we'd have you watch out for. You don't want to get targeted by this particular scam, that's for certain.

The scam this week is based on Valve's unrecognized source Steam Guard. While we're still not certain how these hackers forge access to your email in the first place – or whose end its on – we do have a few things you need to watch out for if you do happen to need to log in to Steam from a computer that's not your main base.

In the Steam Guard email with verification code you receive after requesting such a code, you'll be sent to a fake Steam Guard page. You'll know this page as it's not based in or From there you'll find a Community page with a request for you to trade with a user you may or may not recognize. Avoid this user at all costs – they're more than likely not real in the first place.

You'll be sent to a page in which you're asked to download an EXE file – another big warning sign you're about to be hacked. This SteamGuard.exe file will seek out your SSFN file and take control of your Steam account and all abilities therein. Make sure you avoid this whole situation entirely at all costs.