Steam Summer Sale begins, quickly crashes

It's time once again for the Steam Summer Sale, the time of the year at which all games are put at sale prices the likes of which you may not have a chance to avoid. And of course no more than 20 minutes after the push began, the Steam Store is down. Don't worry, don't freak out – everything that's there now will still be there 7 hours later.

First you're going to want to look at the games in the Daily Deals bin. This is the place you'll want to look first and last because it's going to be the place where the best games are at their lowest prices. This first day includes Divinity: Original Sin, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Don't Starve, Democracy 3, DAY Z, Sins of the Solar Empire: Rebellion, Far Cry 3, The Witcher 2: Assassins or Kings Enhanced Edition, and Dead Rising 3 on pre-purchase.

There's also a number of Flash Sales which turn over every 8 hours. The Daily Deals you see above change over every 24 hours, starting at NOON Central Time today. Dead Island: Riptide, Devil May Cry, Hotline Miami, and Mirror's Edge are all up for sale at strikingly low sale prices right off the bat.

You'll also be able to vote for the next games that'll be released on sale just so long as you're logged in to the system.

If you have no idea what's most amazing, head down to the bottom of the Steam store's front page. There you'll find Top Sellers. Make certain you know the difference between a Steam Summer Sale price and a normal price, but keep in mind that if a game is selling extremely well even without a sale price, it's probably pretty excellent one way or the other.