You won't need a OnePlus 8T, but a Nord? Maybe

Today we're taking a peek at some leaks about the OnePlus 8T and the next iteration of the OnePlus Nord. These devices are slight modifications of their predecessors, and they're almost certainly coming to the United States relatively soon. If what we've heard in leaks and via insider tips is true, these devices will upgrade the Android experience – so why would I go and say that you don't need a OnePlus 8T?

OnePlus is in a place where they've got a handle on software upgrades for their smartphones. They've got a userbase – a growing userbase – that enjoys using OnePlus devices for more than a season or two. They like the idea that they get the newest smartphone features, even if they don't have the very newest smartphone.

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As such, and since the leaks for the OnePlus 8T don't appear to have any features that completely change the way the phone experience unfolds, most OnePlus users that've purchased a OnePlus smartphone in the last few years needn't worry about feeling especially bummed about not waiting for this new model to be released to buy a new phone.

If, however, you're looking for a relatively low-cost, yet high-quality smartphone and you've not purchased a new smartphone in the last few years, it would appear that your time might be near. If the rumored USA-aimed OnePlus Nord 5G is even nearly as high-quality as the internationally-released OnePlus Nord, it'll be a true winner.

The battery will be bigger on the OnePlus 8T than it was on the OnePlus 8, and right around the same size as the OnePlus 8 Pro, if not a slight bit shorter. It's been suggested that the back-facing camera array will roll with a 48MP main senor and three other cameras, one ultra-wide, one for depth-sending, and the smallest one to assist with Macro photos.

The OnePlus Nord 5G will very likely be very closely related to its immediate predecessor, with the obvious inclusion of a new processor to handle 5G connectivity. This next-generation device will likely take on the biggest (low-cost) names in the 5G smartphone market in the USA come late October.

Stick around as we learn more about the OnePlus 8T and the OnePlus Nord 5G as they appear in the next few weeks – cross your fingers we get one in slime green!