You don't need an Xbox to play Xbox anymore

Today Microsoft's made clear their intent with Xbox for the future. They want the Xbox gaming experience to be available on all the hardware, all the time. To make this clear, they've coined the term "The New Xbox Experience." In this experience, the user can access Xbox media and play Xbox games whenever, wherever, on whatever.

Microsoft's got a few different situations going on right now. One is a narrative where the everyday average gamer will want to purchase an Xbox Series X for the ultimate best-possible hardware for Xbox games. That's the base, the place where the gamer plays most of their games, the place from which all other aims expand.

Today Microsoft's Head of Xbox Research & Design Chris Novak released a message about "The New Xbox Experience". This is what Novak describes as "an ecosystem of hardware and software working to meet gamers wherever they choose to engage."

According to Novak, "this holiday" the new Xbox Series X will usher in the new age in which "the new Xbox look and feel" will be delivered to all platforms. That includes the newly updated Xbox mobile apps, Xbox Game Pass on PC, and both Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

A new Xbox mobile app (an entirely new Xbox mobile app, per Novak), is currently "in the works." Microsoft is "better integrating your phone into the social experiences on Xbox, letting you share and connect with your existing network of friends more easily."

This new app will consolidate notifications and provide a more easy-to-access and easy-to-control central location where users can share game clips. While Novak's message always makes sure to continue mentioning the Xbox One and Xbox Series X as part of the equation, cloud gaming "wherever you want to play" is the clear ultimate goal.

The term "mobile gaming" won't always be looked upon with disdain. Angry Birds and Pokemon GO won't always be the epitome of the smartphone and tablet-based gaming experience. This is true for other cloud gaming systems like Google Stadia (faster than local systems with this trick) and NVIDIA GeForce NOW. It'll be the cloud gaming platforms that need to stay up to date with their always-connected highest-end gaming machines, not the end user. Cross your fingers for sooner rather than later for such a system to become a reality!