You can play Titanfall 2 "Beta" sooner than October

The release of Titanfall 2 will take place on the 28th of October, 2016. Before then, the folks at Respawn Entertainment and EA Games are launching the same sort of test they launched before the full drop of the game (the original Titanfall). That is a sort of Beta test, as you might want to call it, more properly termed a "Multiplayer Technical Test." While the final game will have a single-player mode in addition to the multiplayer mode Titanfall is known for, this will be a stress test of sorts – testing out the weight before the weight drops.

This pre-launch will be taking place before the full formal launch. The full formal launch will take place in October, so we can expect that somewhere within the span of the next three months, this test will occur. July, August, or September will be when the test will likely take place.

And remember – when Titanfall was first tested, they extended the test time beyond the already-lengthy test time to continually stress-test the works. The reasoning behind that original extension was some down-time during the first portion of the test – we'll likely see similar situations happening here in 2016.

The launch of Titanfall's testing grounds back in February of 2014 included a short closed beta mode followed by a sort of free for all open beta situation.

"Thank you for applying to the Titanfall Beta. You will be emailed by EA no later than XXX on XXX if you have been selected to participate. Invite your friends to register by sharing this link on Facebook, Twitter and Google+." – Titanfall Beta Sign-up Success Message, February 2014

If this stress test is anything like the original, you'll have to sign up in advance and cross your fingers in hopes that you get chosen first.

For now, you'll want to sign up for dispatches from the frontier for updates. And follow along with SlashGear's Titanfall portal, of course.