"You are in control" speaks Google's Schmidt "these devices have an off button"

This week Google's Eric Schmidt spoke to the whole world via the Mobile World Congress 2012, expanding on what he began earlier in the day on the fully connected earth. "To some degree the gap gets larger" Shmidt spoke on how developing nations get technology much slower, "but it does not negate the importance of getting these people information." Speaking about low-cost computers and textbooks and everything along the lines of information for power, Schmidt noted that getting these people this information is vital and that "getting this information is life changing."

Schmidt continued to speak on the technologies that will come in the future that will advance to the point where society will ethically deem to allow it. Schmidt noted that he'd read that the average student texts 100 times a day and that Bowling Alone was a meme which noted how disconnected we were. Upon being questioned on where we can go from here, Schmidt made it clear that "you can turn it off" if you want.

The question an audience member had was about the human experience, how you experience things remotely and whether or not this was a bad thing, perhaps, in a world where mobile may be disconnecting us physically. Schmidt came back with nothing but denials of that idea, noting the following:

"Interconnectivity of people has never been higher, there are even more experiences in the world than ever. ... You are in control. These devices have an off button, mine's on the left." – Schmidt

Schmidt had several questions at this keynote which spurred what could have easily been a negative reaction from the former CEO of Google, but which he turned to a humorous set of quotes instead. Have a peek at the timeline below to see the rest of the points picked up during this fun-filled event and continue on through the week through our [Mobile World Congress 2012 portal] – open all week!