Yosemite is out... but you might struggle to get it

Apple has released OS X Yosemite, the latest version of its Mac OS, a free update which further blurs the lines between desktop and mobile. Released today in the Mac App Store, Yosemite includes features like Continuity to help iPhones and iPads interact more closely with your Mac. Still, there are some good reasons you might want to hold off from upgrading, at least for the moment.

While OS X Yosemite has been subject to a hitherto-unseen degree of beta testing, courtesy of the 1m+ users who signed up to Apple's preview program, there's still the possibility of rough edges.

New software releases generally lead to unforeseen issues with older software, and so if there's a particular app – particularly a legacy one that's no longer being updated, or only sporadically so – that you rely on, it may be worth waiting before you hit the "Download" button.

That's assuming you can download it at all. Many people have reported issues getting the Yosemite download to begin, presumably a sign that interest in the OS is strong and users are hammering Apple's servers.

Still on the fence about Yosemite? Check out our full developer preview for a run-down of the new and improved features, and our review for the final judgement.

SOURCE Mac App Store