Yohann iPad Stand Aims For Elegance And Simplicity

When you first see the Yohann iPad stand, you might expect the device teeter-totter back and forth. What you're seeing is a sort of optical illusion – an intelligent use of physics to create a stand for the iPad that's quite straightforward. Yohann provides three different basic angles for both vertical and horizontal usage, able to be used in a variety of environments.

Below you'll see how the Yohann iPad stand provides three different angles between vertical and horizontal. This stand works on hard or soft ground and provides spaces for sound to filter through to you through the bottom of the iPad.

There's also a space for your lightning cord to connect, right down the middle. This stand is made for the lighting generation iPad and later with sound ports, while older iPads also have a version that needs no holes besides the one for the plug itself.

Above both versions of the Yohann are shown. This stand fits all versions of the iPad and very likely fits those being released in the near future.

Above you'll see wood Yohann, below plastic with piano lacquer.

This Yohann stand comes in four different wood types: Cherry, Maple, Oak, and Walnut. There are also two hard plastic versions of Yohann, one in lacquer black, the other in lacquer white.

The KickStarter campaign for this group has more than double its initial goal with about a week to go as of the publishing of this article.

At this time they're also voting on a new color for a future stand: Emmental Yellow, Alpine Green, Zermatt Blue, Glacier Blue, or Pinot Noir Red. Full retail price for these stands will be $99 USD.