Yinlips G80 PMP/MID gets video reviewed

I'm vaguely suspicious about something called the Yinlips G80 but, judging by MP4 Nation's review, the touchscreen MID/PMP might actually fill the slot that the SmartQ 5 MID proved unable to.  A 4.3-inch QVGA resolution touchscreen with a clamshell design, the G80 has WiFi for browsing and internet radio, plus USB host support and two 1.3-megapixel cameras.Video review of the Yinlips G80 after the cut

That means you can plug in USB devices such as flash drives, external hard-drives and input peripherals, boosting the G80's 4GB of standard storage (via microSD card) or making browsing and usage more straightforward via a full-sized keyboard and mouse.  We have Windows CE 5.0 to thank for that, which seems to cope well with the Samsung ARM 533MHz processor, and battery life manages 4hrs WiFi browsing or 5-6hrs of internet radio.

Audio playback isn't the best – there's a low-level hiss in the background – and video quality is limited by the screen's resolution, but browsing is fair, especially with mobile versions of sites.  Plus, because of its CE roots, there's flexibility to load new apps and readily tweak the setup.  Not bad for under $160 through importers.

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