Yeesh, Scrabble adds ridic load of new words to dictionary

Scrabble wants you to pwn your opponent, and so now it'll let you officially use pwn and a slew of other words as part of your gameplay. The last update to the Scrabble dictionary took place back in August of last year, and likewise modern lingo was added to the list, including the ever-important "selfie". This time around you will find even more tech terms and modern slang, including the likes of ridic and pwn, hacktivist, and so many more.

While the August update brought around 5,000 words, this latest one has tacked on another 6,500. The word list for Scrabble was updated today, and those steeped in modern culture will find a comfortable array of currently-hip linguistic oddities.

To give a painfully small sample, there's yeesh and zowee, obvs, augh (as in UGH), newbs, bezzy, lolz, shizzle, tuneage, vape, hashtag, twerking, warbot, emoji, blech, GRR, eew, and WAAH!

To put it mildly, there's totes a lot of new words to use. The words aren't only covering what you'll commonly find in a teenager's phone, however — there are many new ones that represent English usage from around the globe. The online Scrabble word checker, it should be noted, will be updated to include these this September.

Now shut your cakehole and get playing.