Yahoo! strikes back over Windows Phone 7 email bug: Microsoft IMAP app to blame

Yahoo! has responded to Microsoft publicly naming & shaming them over the Windows Phone 7 phantom data bug, arguing that it's in fact a poor IMAP implementation that is at fault. In a statement to Pocket-lint, the company pointed out that "Yahoo! Mail is widely available on tens of millions of mobile phones," and that "the issue on the Windows Phones is specific to how Microsoft chose to implement IMAP for Yahoo! Mail and does not impact Yahoo! Mail on these other mobile devices."

There's a little snark saved for the promised fix, too, which Microsoft has said will arrive as an imminent update for the platform. "Yahoo! has offered to provide Microsoft a near-term solution for the implementation they chose," the irked email provider confirms, but goes on to say it "is encouraging Microsoft to change to a standard way of integrating with Yahoo! Mail, which would result in a permanent fix."