Yahoo! Music offer MP3 download coupons to DRM victims

Chris Davies - Jul 31, 2008

Yahoo! Music have announced their compensation plans for downloaders whose DRM-encrypted tracks will be left stranded on current devices once the company’s licencing servers go offline.  Coupons will be issued allowing users to re-download music in MP3 format from Yahoo!’s new partner, Rhapsody.  Describing the amount of users affected by the issue as a “small number”, spokesperson Carrie Davis declined to go into detail about exact figures.

The company also claimed it would offer full refunds for users who “have serious problems with this arrangement”, although it is unclear how this is established.  Coupons will be issued “on request”, and as such anybody affected by the issue should contact Yahoo! via the FAQ page.

Yahoo! Music’s DRM servers will go offline on September 30th.  The compensation only affects users who paid for individual downloads; subscription users will be transferred to RealNetworks Inc.’s Rhapsody subscription system.

[via Engadget]

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