Yahoo Interim CEO leaves the company

After having been the interim CEO for Yahoo since May of 2012, Executive Vice President Ross Levinsohn has now decided that he will leave the company entirely. This decision is being reported as having been anticipated by many, but it's only after the hiring of former Google executive Marissa Mayer as CEO for Yahoo rather than just bumping him up, it appears to have been the mark Levinsohn needed to make the move. In a statement made this Monday, Levinsohn noted that "it's time for me to look for the next challenge."

This news has also been accompanied by a note from Levinsohn which read "it has been an incredible journey for me and I could not be prouder of what we accomplished over the past few years helping define Yahoo as a leader in digital media and advertising." He had been with Yahoo in various positions since the year 2010. Positions held by Levinsohn at Yahoo include heading their ad sales and other units in Yahoo's Americas region.

Another position held by Levinsohn at Yahoo was their head of media websites – this included entertainment, sports, and news for Yahoo. While Levinsohn had been interim CEO for Yahoo since earlier this year, the board sought out a leader with experience in the creation and execution of products for our current internet-loving world of youth consumers. Mayer replaced Levinsohn who earlier this year replaced then-CEO Scott Thompson who was fired due to misstated credentials.

Levinsohn previously worked for News Corp.'s Fox Interactive Media group, HBO, and everyone's favorite company of the past, AltaVista. Stay tuned as Levinsohn more than likely pops up at another giant of a company in the very near future. For those of you wanting more information about Yahoo's recent past, head to the timeline below!

[via WSJ]