Yahoo! & Intel collaborate on UMPC prototypes

Chris Davies - Oct 11, 2006

It’s always good to see the big players in the industry weigh in with some prototype designs (see our recent HP Concept & Design Innovation coverage), and now it’s Yahoo! who have got into the metaphorical bed with Intel and built some UMPCs that take advantage of the search giant’s Yahoo! Go mobile application suite.


Yahoo UMPC

Despite a heavy bent towards making your media – photos, video, music – available wherever you are, it looks like Yahoo! is resident in the “UMPCs really need a keyboard” camp.  All of the prototypes shown here have either fold-out or slide-out keyboards of various sizes.

Yahoo UMPC

There’s not much information, so just enjoy the pretty pictures and cross your fingers that they’ll cross that perilous bridge from concept to commercial product.

Yahoo UMPC

IDF 2006: Yahoo! and Intel collaborate in the UMPC [Origaminfo – translated here]

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