Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer may join Jawbone board

Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayor is in talks with Jawbone in consideration of a place on the company's board, reports AllThingsD. Jawbone is known for its high-end, classy Bluetooth gadgets, including the Jambox, which we reviewed back in 2010. It seems she's looking at a director position, something sources say was happening before she joined Yahoo.

The talks are said to be late stage, but caution was given that the deal may not happen for numerous reasons, which were not specified. According to AllThingsD, Jawbone's founder/CEO Hosain Rahman and Mayer both attended Standford at the same time, and are close friends. When requested, Jawbone declined commenting on the claim.

Jawbone's products include the Bluetooth mobile speakers Jambox and the Up fitness wristband. The company specializes in "human-centered wearable technology and audio devices," according to its website. It was winner of the 2010 IDSA Design of the Decade, and boasts its NoiseAssassin technology, which is the only military-grade noise-zapping technology in the world.

Before coming to Yahoo, Mayer was Vice President of Local, Maps, and Location Services at Google, and was recently ranked as the 14th most powerful businesswoman in America by Fortune magazine, as well as holding the title of youngest CEO of a Fortune 500. She currently sits on the board of directors of Walmart, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, the New York City Ballet, the San Francisco Ballet, and the Sanfrancisco Museum of Modern Art.

[via AllThingsD]