Yahoo acquires Astrid, plans to shut the service down

Yahoo has made another acquisition, this time of time management service Astrid, which just made the announcement on its blog. Such a move comes at a time when Yahoo has been buying up a variety of services and apps, a move in part to bolster the company. Not many details about the deal were provided, but those we do know we have for you after the jump.

Says Astrid in the announcement, its team will be joining Yahoo's mobile team. As a result of the acquisition, the company's app is going to be shut down in 90 days, with the service effectively putting an end to new premium subscriptions starting today. In addition, it is aiming to make the transition for its users as gentle as possible.

Those who currently use the service will be contacted "shortly" with instructions on how to download their data, which needs to be done within the next three months, after which point it will be gone forever. Says Astrid, its app has been downloaded 4 million times, and that the company is grateful for all of its users, as well as its investors and mentors, which it specifies by name.

This follows Yahoo's purchase of Summly back in March for the hefty sum of $30 million, one of many moves by the company to boost its mobile-centric goals. The purchase came in the form of 90-percent cash and 10-percent stocks. No financial data was provided on the Astrid acquisition, just a note that Yahoo will refund users who bought an annual subscription set to expire after the service goes down.

[via Astrid]