xScreen Xbox Series S screen add-on makes the case for portability

An accessory called xScreen was revealed this week by a 3rd-party creator aiming to turn the Xbox Series X into a portable gaming machine. The device is effectively a plug-in, flip-up display for the console, adding a new sort of way to play to the Microsoft-made video game console. After just a short period listed on Kickstarter, the campaign for this piece of hardware reached its initial goal several times over.

The machine is relatively simple in concept. It's a display with latches, HDMI and USB plugs. You'll plug it in to the back of the Xbox Series S (into the USB and HDMI ports already in the console), plug in the power cord, and that's it.

The power for this machine comes from the USB and HDMI ports – the power cord for the console plugs in through a rectangular gap in the xScreen, into the console as it otherwise would. The same gap allows access to the storage expansion slot on the Xbox Series S.

The device has an 11.6-inch 1080p 60hz display panel. When closed, the panel fits precisely over the top of the Xbox Series S console. This makes the whole setup easy to transport and keep in concert with the console.

Pricing for this machine is around $250 USD – that's what they're expecting to price the device at when it's eventually available to the public. Before then, in the Kickstarter, there are tiers of pricing, starting with a Super Early Bird price at around $189 USD. One would truly hope this sort of price proposition for an accessory this neat would be all it's cracked up to be.

Cross your fingers the crew creating this screen can pull through with the tall order they've set up for themselves with a crowdfunding campaign of this magnitude! At the moment this article is set to be published, the xScreen for Xbox Series S Kickstarter has 27 days to go, 430+ backers, and over $68k with an initial starting goal of $9,650.