Xfinity 3D Channel Launched by Comcast

Chris Burns - Feb 21, 2011
Xfinity 3D Channel Launched by Comcast

It continues to seem as though the first time the 3rd dimension was offered as a media format, it just wasn’t the right time. Today Comcast is offering a full-time 3D television channel by the name of Xfinity 3D. On this channel there will be music, sports, movies, and original programming. This isn’t the first time a 3D television channel has been offered, but it is the first time Comcast has done so, and it does appear to be the fullest offering in 3D programming to date.

Other channels that’ve appeared before this Xfinity 3D are ESPN 3D, n3D (a limited channel on DirecTV,) and 3net (another very similar channel that seems to be running many special presentations in the same manner as Omnimax theaters – those big fat domes at the science museum you went to as a kid.) This also isn’t the first time Comcast itself has offered 3D content, as they’ve shown the 2010 Masters Golf Tournament and the FIFA World Cup matches in such a format as well.

This makes us feel like 3D might not go away nearly as fast as it did in the 1980’s, this and the seemingly neverending array of video games, glasses, and devices that’ve been coming out for the past few years. Have a peek at our 3D portal to see what I mean. After that, if you need more convincing, have a peek at the post over on Android Community at a post by the name of Why These Two Android Phones will Change Everything – one of these two phones is dipped in the hot lead that is 3D capturing and sharing. Welcome to the 3D fun cooker.

[via Consumer Reports]

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