XCOM: Enemy Unknown iOS game aims to bring near-full PC experience

If you played XCOM: Enemy Unknown earlier this year on your high-powered gaming PC, you may have noticed the user interface and the top-to-bottom playability to seem a bit more expansive than a simple desktop setup would suggest. What's going on now is that folks behind the game are, indeed, expanding the game beyond its original borders: mobile style. Here on June 20th, XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be appearing on iOS devices of many types.

What you're seeing below is a trailer for the game in its PC iteration. We've yet to see how it'll look on an iPad or iPhone. What's suggested by the creators of the game is that you're going to be entering the same universe from the same perspective. This isn't one of those side-scrolling knock-off jokes of a game that often suggest a full experience (we're looking at you, Tony Hawk Pro Skater).

At the moment it only appears that 2K Games is aiming at iOS, that meaning iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The iPod touch 5th generation and forward, the iPad 2 and newer, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and whatever else comes later this year. Android and Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry are not being commented on at this time – Android is the most likely candidate, of course, but no official word has yet been spoken.

This game will be appearing in the iOS App Store this Thursday (the 20th of June) for a grand total of $19.99 USD. That's no joke of a price for a mobile game, but if the title does indeed deliver graphics like we're seeing above, it may very well see some heavy sales for the impressed. This game is said to already have an update lined up for a short time after its initial release: the update bringing on the popular multiplayer mode PC gamers love so well.

What's it look like to you? Something you're expecting NVIDIA to jump on-board with for the TegraZone later this year? No confirmation or clues to that as yet, but we'd be unsurprised by such a release, that's for sure.