Xbox SmartGlass official as second-screen feature

Chris Burns - Jun 4, 2012, 1:00pm CDT
Xbox SmartGlass official as second-screen feature

At this year’s E3 convention, Microsoft revealed Xbox SmartGlass, a feature that will allow Xbox 360 users to view content on multiple devices at once. This feature will allow you to view a movie on a tablet then push it to a larger screen while the tablet continues to provide interesting content related to the movie you’ve pushed. This technology is not unheard of, groups like Qualcomm showing it off at CES 2012 with AllJoyn, but this iteration is based solely in the Microsoft world.

This technology will be working with the iPad, iPhone, and Windows 8 tablets as well as Windows Phone devices of all kinds. SmartGlass will be bringing you the web with Internet Explorer – and not must multimedia will be included, games are here too. SmartGlass will connect you to in-game content like sports plays and inventory depending on the game you’re playing and will open a whole new avenue for user interaction for future games.

For video you’ll have not only access to movie facts and simple items such as that, you’ll have items like a “live map” of Game of Thrones and the ability to control which side of the action you’re on. This service is being called “the web transformed for TV” by Microsoft and will be unleashed inside the next year – stay tuned!

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3 Responses to Xbox SmartGlass official as second-screen feature

  1. They didn’t forget Android.. they don’t want to promote a competitor. Remember that MS and Apple have had more alliances than several seasons of Survivor. The anti-android campaign is just one of them. Which is stupid because most Android users are also Windows users, but hey…no accounting for greed, ire, and stupidity.

  2. so is this a proprietary technology built from the ground up, or is it rooted in a standard like DLNA, which MS has embraced on other devices for years?

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