Xbox Series X update bringing Quick Resume, Audio Passthrough

This week the folks at Microsoft revealed a new Xbox One X (and One S) update, complete with mods for Quick Resume. This update should be available to the masses soon, and to Xbox Insiders immediately. As Xbox Insiders receive the update this week, the wider public gets an idea of what will more than likely come to their gaming console in the next few weeks.

First we're looking at an addition to Dynamic Backgrounds. Like the rest of the updates and features shown in this article, this new Dynamic Background will appear for Alpha Skip Ahead in Xbox Series X and S for Xbox Insiders. This should indicate that it'll be delivered to the general public in the next few weeks, but there's always a chance that it won't make it past basic testing.

Updates to Quick Resume begin with a tiny tag in The Guide – this tag will indicate whether the game you're running is able to support Quick Resume. There'll also be a new group that shows all active Quick Resume titles. You'll be able to manually remove games from this state as you see fit.

This update should also give users the ability to roll with audio passthrough. This will allow users to listen to media apps (music) with the console at the same time as a game is being played – with audio from one or both. This update will allow such a feature to be toggled via Settings – Audio – Advanced – Allow Passthrough.

The update released this week with Alpha Skip-Ahead users is OS version XB_FLT_2108CO\21363.1501.210416-2200. It'll be available starting on April 19 (this week), and mandatory as of April 20. In addition to feature add-ons, this update should fix an issue where an update "could get stuck showing 'Finishing things up' in queue." See the rest of the updates delivered to the public this week, too!