Xbox Series X Console Purchase Pilot lets real people buy hardware

If you're looking for an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, you're not alone. The next-generation console series shortage is one of a wide variety of results of the COVID-19 pandemic and supply issues worldwide. Once supply was short, scalpers came to take advantage of the situation by buying up the Xbox Series X and S that were sold in the first few waves this year. Now, Microsoft is taking action with a "Console Purchase Pilot."

The Console Purchase Pilot aims to put Xbox Series X and S units directly in to user hands, rather than through the grips of flippers. To do this, Microsoft will sell consoles to users who are currently Xbox Insider users on Xbox One. This way there's a far better chance that the person buying the console is an actual end customer, rather than a 3rd-party scalper.

The program can be found via the Xbox Insider Hub on Xbox One. There, users will be able to register to participate. Not all registered users will be "selected" to "have a chance" to purchase an Xbox Series X or S. At the moment, it would seem that this is more of a test run than it is a "this should work for everyone" sort of situation.

You'll see one announcement for this program in a Tweet from the official Xbox Insider Twitter account below. As noted, not all those who register will be selected.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have also been appearing in small supply every once in a while in online storefronts like Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and Gamestop. Take a peek at the timeline below for other recent updates to the Xbox Series X universe as well, and stay tuned as we report on the next tip on availability from confirmed sources.