Xbox One X release: Best Buy and GameStop plan midnight openings

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For most of the year, much of the gaming industry has focused on Sony and Nintendo. 2017 was a big year for both of them, with of a lot of highly anticipated exclusive titles launching on Sony's PlayStation 4 and Nintendo enjoying an excellent launch for its newest console, the Switch. That all changes tomorrow, however, as Microsoft will pull the focus back onto itself with the launch of the Xbox One X.

The Xbox One X is touted as the most powerful console ever made, with Microsoft promising 4K visuals at playable frame rates. To say that the excitement and curiosity surrounding the Xbox One X has been high would be understating it quite a bit – a lot of people are going to watch this launch to find out just how well the Xbox One X performs.

READ MORE: Xbox One X reviewOf course, we have other indications that the Xbox One X is a machine that has people excited. Pre-orders for a limited Project Scorpio edition sold out very quickly, as did pre-orders for the standard console in some cases. If you didn't manage to get a pre-order in, you might want to head to your local Best Buy or GameStop store later tonight, as many stores belonging to both retailers will be opening at midnight.

GameStop will have some 2,000 stores around the US opening at 12:01 AM ET. Best Buy will presumably have a similar number of stores opening, but to make sure that your store is one of them, it's set up a web page you can use to check. While many Xbox One X consoles will likely be reserved for pre-orders at both GameStop and Best Buy, it's likely that both companies will have some available stock for walk-in customers.

However, if you're planning to go line up and you didn't pre-order, it might not be a bad idea to call your store ahead of time to see if they'll have any extra stock for walk-ins. After all, there's no use waiting in line if everything your store has is already spoken for. Are you picking up an Xbox One X tonight? Head down to the comments section and let us know!