Xbox One white edition pops up as employee-only incentive

An image from Microsoft has leaked that reveals what appears to be an employee-only version of the Xbox One that's made in white. The console is blazoned in all white except for the side panels, and the controller sports a rather nice looking white and black combo that looks pretty sleek. The Kinect, however, remains black.

The image was posted on Reddit, with the original poster saying that he has a friend who works on the Xbox team, and full-time employees will be given these white versions of Xbox One consoles. They're also customized with the text "I made this," and below that it says something starting with "launch team," with the last word not legible.

This isn't the first time we've seen a white Xbox One. A leaked photo of what was said to be a white Xbox One developer kit appeared last month. It looks fairly similar to the white one we're seeing today, with a few minor changes that differentiate the dev kit from the final employee-only console version.

These two instances pretty much prove that a white Xbox One console exists, although they're both leaks and unofficial at this point still, so take it with a grain of salt, but it makes us more confident that a white Xbox One is possible, and it could be on the way for consumers in the future, but no one really knows whether or not it'll be available at launch or if it'll come later in the console's life cycle, similar to how a black Xbox 360 showed several years after the console's initial launch in white.

The Xbox One is launching later in November, although an exact date hasn't been set. We know the PlayStation 4 will launch on November 15, so it'll be interesting to see what Microsoft plans to do in order to compete with Sony, and how the various launch dates will affect initial sales going into the holiday shopping season.