Xbox One update will make online social features more accessible

Microsoft revealed an upcoming update to the nascent Xbox One console that will hopefully improve the overall gaming experience, even those parts not directly involved in gameplay. The major update will be fixing issues that revolve around the console's more social aspects, particularly its online features.

The Xbox One is barely two months old but, of course Microsoft is claiming victory. The latest generation console managed to sell 1 million units in just 24 hours after its late November launch, and more than 3 million in total before the year was over. Of course, it hasn't been smooth-sailing for the console and its faithful fans, including some issues related to the streaming of HD content.

Another major user gripe, according to Microsoft Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten, was about the online social networking features on the console. According to feedback that they were able to gather, users found it difficult to use those features or even find where they're lurking, at least compared to the previous gen Xbox 360. Users felt that access to features such as Friends List and Achievements were "too distant."

This problem is near and dear to Whitten's heart as the Chief Product Officer was one of those deeply involved in nurturing Xbox Live, Microsoft's online and social gaming platform, for the past 10 years. Whitten reveals that due to this clamor, there are plans to consolidate all those online social features into one spot.

Whitten, however, hasn't disclosed when the update will roll out, though there is hope it will happen before E3 in June. Whitten also refused to comment on what will happen at the upcoming E3, as it is his personal policy to only talk about the next E3 during the current E3.

VIA: Engadget